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Device Cleaning Pen Tool For Earbuds And Smartphones

Device Cleaning Pen Tool For Earbuds And Smartphones

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Product Name: New Cleaning Pen Cleaning Tools Wireless Cleaning Tools Bluetooth Headset Rechargeable Bin Brush Remove Dirt

Compatible With: Android and Ios Devices Both and any other electronic device for cleaning purpose.
  1. Pour the foam bucket, clean the charging compartment of the headset.
  2. Switch button, two ends push the switch.
  3. High density hair implant, clean the sound hole of the headset.
  4. Metal pen tip, wash off stubborn stains.
  5. Pen cap silicone material to protect the pen tip metal.
  6. Convenient to carry, compact and delicate.
Note: * Do not use a metal pen tip to clean the mobile phone/headphone charging port. Return/Refund: Cleaning pen and cleaning tools are not returnable but only can be exchanges against any other product.
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